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Staff Team Photo
Several Members of our Paramount Staff
Left: Ryan Mouton, George E. Curry, Jr., Dwayne Laliberte, Clay Courville
Right: Donna LeBlanc, Ashley Melancon, Mickey Broussard

Staff Bios

Ashley Melancon, Corporate Sales

Ashley has been involved in the Oil & Gas Industry for the past (50) years. He spent most of his career working for machine shops and also fabrication shops. For the last (25) years, Ashley has been involved in the inspection and machining business as a sales manager.

Ashley enjoys hunting & cooking for customers and entertaining others at company functions along with his never-ending love for his family.

Damion Garrett, FLUT/EMI Operator

Damion has been in the Oil & Gas Industry for (8) years, primarily in the Inspection sector, Quality Assurance and Project Management of drill pipe tubulars and assets. His current certification levels include: Level “II” Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Electromagnetic Testing (EMI) & Full Length Ultrasonic Testing (FLUT).

Damion is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (’09) with a Bachelor’s degree.

Eric Latiolais, Operations Manager

Eric began his Oil & Gas career in 1996 working at Randy Smith Drilling Schools setting up classrooms for 2 years.  In 1999, he worked at Coastal Chemical Company in the lab performing tests on oil and water samples for about 3 years shortly after graduating from Remington College in the medical field. From that point, Eric began his operational role in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) field with a large independent inspection firm traveling across the US.

Eric has obtained valuable experience over the past (10) years as an inspector, hard band applicator, and operations supervisor and plays a key role at Paramount Inspection Services.

George E. Curry, Jr., Corporate Sales

Prior to starting with Paramount Inspection Service, George spent twenty-six years working for Schlumberger in the D.T.R. division as an Inspection manager and Field Salesman. Before entering into the Oil & Gas Industry, George spent ten years in the plastic business working for G.E. Plastic.  

George enjoys cooking, hunting and spending time with his wife and family, and also manages a small private business.

Dwayne Laliberte, VP of Operations

Dwayne has been in the Oil & Gas Industry for over (42) years and has obtained a wide variety of experience and expertise in all aspects of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

Dwayne has always been a core employee leading Operations, Quality, Safety and Business relations. Dwayne’s vast experience in the tubular & equipment inspection and maintenance service encompasses Land, Shelf & Deep-water drilling applications. Twenty-four of his years in the Industry include heavy involvement in the Deep-water side of oilfield (GOM).

Donna LeBlanc
Donna LeBlanc, Office Administrator

Donna has been in the Oil & Gas Industry for over 20 years. (15) of those years have been in the Inspection Business, working in Human Resources, Operations and Accounting.

Donna has one son and enjoys spending time with him and also serves as a volunteer in her spare time with local outreach organizations.